Switch your mobile audio device

When you’re in a Hangouts Meet video meeting and on the go, you can quickly switch between different audio devices. For example, start or join a video meeting using your phone’s earbuds and then switch to Bluetooth® in your car. At home, switch to your device's built-in speaker and use the speakerphone.

You can select the audio device before or after you join a meeting.

  1. At the top of the Meet screen, tap the current audio source:
    • Phone iPhone
    • Bluetooth Bluetooth headset or car audio paired with your mobile device
    • Headphones Wired headphones attached to your mobile device
    • Built-in speaker Built-in speaker
  2. Select the audio device you want to use.
    • Headphones Wired headphones
    • iPhone iPhone
    • iPhone Speaker
    • Bluetooth Bluetooth

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