Add someone by phone to a video meeting

This feature is supported from specific countries for free calls to the U.S. and Canada (see Dial-out supported countries). 

People in the same domain as the event organizer can invite others to join a video meeting by phone. Phone participants count toward a meeting’s user limit, and any regular call charges apply.

If the phone participant is in the organizer’s corporate directory, you’ll see their name in the meeting. Otherwise, a partial phone number is displayed. You should always verify that the person you add is the correct participant. If a participant hangs up, they can't rejoin by calling the number they see on their phone. The number is a random number assigned by Hangouts Meet.

Add phone participant to a meeting

  1. After you join the meeting, at the top right, click People  People to expand the side panel.
  2. Click Add people Add people.
  3. Click Call.
  4. Select the country you’re calling to add the country code to the call.
  5. Enter the phone number for the person that you want to call and click Call Call.
  6. (Optional) To enter additional numbers, such as an extension, click Dial Dial to open the keypad.

The person joins the meeting when they answer the phone. 

Disconnect a phone participant

  1.  Click People People to expand the side panel.
  2. Select the phone number, click the Down arrow  Down Arrow and then End call End call

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Supported countries

This feature is currently supported from certain countries for calls to the U.S. and Canada. Calls to other countries are not yet supported. See Dial-out supported countries for a complete list.

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