Pin, mute, or remove Hangouts Meet participants


Select a participant from the filmstrip to mute, pin, or remove the person.

Pin a participant

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Click Pin Pin in a participant's thumbnail image to pin them to the top of the list.

Remove a participant

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A participant from the domain that organized the video meeting can remove another participant, if necessary. 

In a video meeting, click the Back arrow Back, hover over the person, and click Remove Remove

Mute a participant’s microphone

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If you’re experiencing feedback or background noise during a video meeting, you might want to mute other people’s microphones.

To mute other people, next to the person’s thumbnail, hover over their volume icon 더보기 and click Mute Mute


  • For privacy reasons, you cannot unmute another person. Ask the participant to unmute their audio.
  • To mute or unmute yourself, at the bottom of the video window click Mute Mute.
  • Phone participants can press *6 to unmute their phone.  
  • Any participant can be muted, including people who dial-in using a phone.

Dial-in participants

  • Phone participants always press *6 to mute or unmute their phone  
  • If someone else mutes you, you can only unmute using *6 (this is different than the mute icon on the screen).
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