Training and tutorials

It’s easier than ever to start and join Meet video meetings:

Video introduction

Watch this short video to understand how to use Meet to hold video meetings with people inside or outside your organization. You can join from a computer or mobile device, or from a conference room.

How to use the new Hangouts Experience

Learning Center tutorials

Use the Learning Center tutorials to get started and for quick tips.

In-app tutorials

Use the interactive G Suite Training G Suite Training  tutorials to learn how to use Meet. 
For example:
  1. Go to Introduction to Meet to get started.
  2. Install the Chrome extension, if necessary.
  3. After the extension is installed, click G Suite Training G Suite Training in the top right corner of the Meet home screen.
  4. Select a topic or search for answers to your questions.

Help Center

Use the ​Meet Help Center for complete information about scheduling, starting, and joining video meetings.

G Suite administrators

G Suite administrators can turn Meet on or off, and control other settings. Learn more

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