Blur your background in Google Meet

To help limit distractions in your meeting, you can blur your background. You'll appear clear while everything behind you is blurred. This feature will appear only for eligible devices that meet the technical requirements. Background blur is currently not available on Chromebooks.

Important: Sensitive information might be visible when you blur your background.

Blur your background

In a meeting:

  1. On the bottom right, click More Customize and control Google Chrome
  2. Click Turn on background blur .

Before a meeting:

  1. Go to and then select the meeting.
  2. On the bottom right of your self view, click Turn on background blur .
  3. Click Join Now.

Blurring your background may slow down your device. You may want to turn this feature off to allow other apps to run faster on your computer.

Tip: To see how you look when you Blur your background, check your self view.

Turn on hardware acceleration

If you’re having trouble using background effects on your supported device, you may need to turn on Chrome hardware acceleration.

Turn on hardware acceleration on Windows or Mac: 

  1. On the top right of a Chrome window, click Chrome menu Customize and control Google Chrome and thenClick Settings. 
  2. On the left, next to Advanced, click Down arrow.
  3. Click System Wrench.
  4. Turn on Use hardware acceleration when available.
  5. Restart Chrome.
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