Transfer ownership of Gallery projects

Project owners can transfer ownership to someone who is an editor or viewer on the project. The new owner must be someone inside the current owner's G Suite domain. Learn how to add someone as an editor or viewer.

Transfer ownership of a project to an existing collaborator

You must be the project owner to transfer ownership. If you are not the owner, please contact the owner and ask them to transfer ownership.

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Click the project you want to give to a new owner.
  3. Click Project access Add people.
  4. Select Owner Done from the drop down menu Down Arrow to the right of the person you want to give project ownership to.
  5. A window will appear. Click Change.
  6. The project access window will close automatically after a moment.

Gallery file storage and project ownership transfer

Upon transferring ownership of your Gallery project to another user, all files will be transferred to the new project owner’s Google Photos account and count against their storage quota. Learn more about Gallery’s file storage.

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