Manage design versioning with Gallery Iterations

What are iterations?

An iteration in Gallery is a specific version of a collection. Gallery allows you to create and manage multiple iterations in order to simplify the process of sharing and getting feedback on a design as it changes.

Access iterations from the Iteration Panel   of any collection. 

Visit the latest iteration

When a collection has multiple iterations, the collection link will always point to the latest iteration. URLs are non-hierarchical and don't change. Users with access to a project can navigate between any iteration and will see a prominent button to take them to the latest iteration if they are looking at an older iteration.

Comment tracking with iterations

Comments are localized per iteration and are not duplicated when you create a new iteration. Comment threads from design versions are always accessible if you open a previous iteration. 

Create a new iteration

Creating a new iteration is similar to creating a new collection, but the versions are stacked. You can create a private draft iteration before publishing and sharing the content.

  1. Navigate to a collection.
  2. In the top right corner click to view Iteration history  . The iteration panel will open.
  3. Click New Iteration Add . A draft iteration window will open.
  4. Click Upload  to add files from the Finder window, or drag and drop files in a browser. A progress indicator will appear in the bottom left corner.
  5. Click Create   in the top right corner to save the new iteration.

Note that if you navigate away from this page before clicking Create  the iteration will be unpublished and saved as a draft.

Duplicate an iteration

  1. Hover over the top-right corner of an iteration to reveal the menu More
  2. Click the menu More .
  3. Click Duplicate  . A draft iteration will open. 
  4. Add content.
  5. Click Create  to save.

Edit a draft iteration

If an iteration is in draft mode, access the draft to publish it.

  1. Click Edit Draft . The draft will open.

  2. Add or remove files from the draft. 

  3. Click Create .

Delete an iteration

  1. Hover over the top-right corner of an iteration to reveal the More menu. 
  2. Click the menu More.
  3. Click Delete Delete.

Create a new iteration with the Gallery plugin

The Gallery Plugin can be used to add new iterations to a project in Gallery. Learn how to create a new iteration with the Gallery Plugin.
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