Choose appearance settings & device frames

Project editors can change a project's appearance settings such as background color, zoom settings, and device frames. 

Choose a device frame

  1. Open a project and navigate to the file viewer.
  2. Click Appearance Settings . A panel with appearance settings will appear on the right side. 
  3. Click the dropdown menu Down Arrow  for device frames to select an option.
  4. (Optional) 
    Check the "Apply to all items" option to bulk apply appearance settings to all files in the project. 

Available Device Frames

Android Phones Android Tablets iPhone iPad Desktop Other Devices
Pixel 2 Pixel C iPhone 5/SE iPad Browser 1024 x 640 Android smartwatch (square)

Pixel 2 XL

Pixel Slate iPhone 6/7/8 iPad Pro Browser 1280 x 800 Android smartwatch (round)
Pixel 3   iPhone 6/7/8 Plus   Browser 1440 x 960 Apple Watch
Pixel 3 XL   iPhone X   Chromebook Pixel 2 Smart TV (1080p)
Nokia One       Pixelbook  
Android phone 5"          
Android phone 6"          

Rotate the device frame

If a device frame is applied, rotate it by using the keyboard shortcut "r," or by clicking the rotate device frame rotate device frame in the appearance menu. 

Change the background color

Multiple background color options are available to make it easier to view artboards in Gallery. Use the keyboard shortcut "b" to rotate through the options, or set a color in the appearance settings menu.

  1. Click Appearance Settings  in the top right menu.
  2. Pick a background color.

  3. (Optional) 
    Check the "Apply to all items" option to bulk apply appearance settings to all files in the project. 

Change the default zoom settings

There are five preset sizes for zoom settings available in the Appearance Settings menu. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to zoom in at any level. 

To switch between the standard zoom settings (fit to width, fit to screen, 50%, 100%, and 200%) you can use either of these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Control + z
  • z

For more granularity when zooming, you can use either of these methods:

  • 2-finger pinch on a trackpad
  • Command +/-
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