Create a new iteration from Sketch

You can manage multiple versions of a collection with Gallery Iterations. Learn more about Gallery Iterations.

Add a new iteration to your Gallery collection

For existing projects:

  1. Click Plugins > Gallery > Upload to Gallery.

  2. Locate the project you'd like to update in the project dropdown list.

  3. Locate the collection you'd like to update in the collection dropdown list.

  4. Change the iteration radio button to Create new iteration radio button checked .

  5. Click Upload. Your artboards will be uploaded in a new iteration. 
  6. Click View to open the new or updated collection in Gallery.

Track who creates iterations on your team

When a user creates a new iteration, the iteration block will display the user's name and avatar.

See who uploaded the latest version of a mock

To open the file history, navigate to the file viewer for an individual file. 
  1. In the upper right corner, click menu  .
  2. Click File History view file history .
  3. The details will show the name of the editor and date of the last update.

Browse previous versions 

The iteration panel lists all iterations of a collection.

  1. In any collection, click Iteration history  in the top menu bar to open the iteration panel. The iterations list will appear.
  2. Click any iteration to view it.

If you are viewing a previous iteration a Go to latest iteration button will appear to inform you that a more recent version is available.


Add selected artboards to an existing iteration

To import selected artboards, press Command and select each artboard  in the Layer Panel before opening the Gallery Plugin.

 Sketch layer panel with two highlighted artboards

  1. Click Plugins > Gallery > Upload to Gallery.

  2. Select radio button checked Selected artboards.

  3. Select  radio button checked Update existing iteration.

  4. Click Upload.

Updating an iteration in the web browser

Iterations can be updated manually in the web browser. Learn how to replace a file in the web browser.

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