Generate automatic redlines and view them with Inspect Mode

Gallery's Inspect Mode allows you to see redlines created automatically from Sketch files that are added to Gallery with the Gallery Plugin for Sketch.

  1. Upload artboards from Sketch with the Gallery Plugin. This will automatically activate Inspect Mode in Gallery for those specific artboards, which will be available for any viewer. (Only the editor uploading the artboard needs to use Sketch.)
  2. To open Inspect Mode, click Inspect .
  3. Click on any component or layer on the artboard to see measurements, redlines, and other specs. When a component is selected, hovering over different layers will show you the distances between them.

    Install the Gallery Plugin

Get started using redlines in Inspect Mode

Once your artboard is added to Gallery from Sketch, Inspect Mode will be available.

View the dimensions of a layer

While viewing your artboard in Inspect Mode, click on any layer on your artboard. Two things will appear:

  • The dimensions will appear as an overlay on the image
  • The layer properties will populate in the Inspect Panel

View the distance between two edges

Measuring the distance between two edges requires an extra step to select where the measurement should start.

  1. Hover over a layer and click anywhere to select it. 
  2. Using the same layer, click the edge of the layer where the measurement should start. The selection line will appear thicker after the second click. 
  3. Move the cursor to a different layer. The measurement will change instantly based on where the cursor is placed.

View layer attributes with the layer panel

In the bottom half of the Inspect Panel you'll see a full list of the layers generated from your Sketch file, which will match the Layer List you see in Sketch while designing. The Layer Panel will indicate Material Design components .

You can use the layer panel to view each layer's attributes in the Inspect Panel.

What design specs and elements can I view with Inspect Mode?

  • Redlines

  • Layer panel

  • Layer types and specs

  • Position

  • Dimensions

  • Color information

  • Typography information

  • Border

  • Shapes

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