Get Started with the Gallery Plugin for Sketch

About the Gallery Plugin

The Gallery Plugin for Sketch makes it easy to upload artboards to Gallery directly from Sketch, manage design versions, and automatically generate design specs for hand off to developers.

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  • Direct upload from Sketch
  • Version tracking
  • Automated redlines
  • Support for multiple editors on shared projects 

Install the Gallery Plugin

Note: The Gallery Plugin requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or later. The Gallery plugin is an add-on tool for Sketch.

  1. Install and open Sketch.
  2. Download the Gallery Plugin zip file. 
  3. Open the zip file.
  4. A confirmation message will appear in Sketch. Click OK

Sync the Gallery Plugin with your Gallery account

Anyone with a Google account can access Gallery. Use the following steps to sync the Gallery Plugin with your Gallery account.

  1. Click Plugins > Gallery > Upload to Gallery.

  2. A sign-in page will appear. Click Sign In.

  3. A browser window will open. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to Gallery with your Google account. 
  4. In Sketch, complete the upload process to add your Sketch artboards to a Gallery project.

Receive updates about the Gallery Plugin

We regularly update the Gallery Plugin. Subscribe to receive updates about new releases. 

Check for updates and version numbers

When reporting an issue with the Gallery Plugin, please include the plugin version number. If an update is available, a "Plugin Updates Available" notification  will appear in the top right corner of Sketch.

Check your Gallery Plugin version number

  1. Open Sketch.

  2. Click Plugins > Manage Plugins
  3. The version of the plugin you have installed will appear next to Gallery by Google LLC.

Check for updates

  1. Open Sketch.

  2. Click Plugins > Manage Plugins
  3. If an update is available an Update  button will appear. 
  4. Click Update .

What is the latest version of the Gallery Plugin?

The latest version of the Gallery Plugin is version 1.18.301275438.
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