View and edit user information

Sales Partners can see users in their own organizations and in their clients’ organizations. Sales Partner clients, Direct clients, and Standard users can see users in their own organizations.

To see user information, or remove a user:

  1. Sign in to Google Marketing Platform.
  2. Click Administration > Organizations, and select the organization you want.
  3. Click Users.

    For each user, you see an email address, the last access time to Analytics, and an iconic list of the products to which the user has access.
  4. To remove a user from the organization, click More for that user, then click Remove user.
  5. To see additional details, click a user name.
  6. To edit user details, hover over the User details card, and click Edit.
    User details
  7. To edit organization permissions for a user, click Edit under Organization permissions.
    Edit organization permissions
  8. To remove the user from all instances of a product account linked to the organization, click the product name, then on the following page click , then click Remove user from <product>.

Annotate user profiles

User annotations let you add important additional information to user profiles.

For example, if email addresses don’t readily distinguish one employee from another, you can add pertinent information:

  • is the CEO
  • is the new guy in accounting
  • is the ringer for the company soccer team

User annotations are primarily intended to facilitate account management and you should not enter sensitive information.

Any Org admin or User admin in the organization can see, create, and edit annotations.

Annotations are visible only in the organization in which they’re created.

To create annotations for a user:

Edit User details as described in the previous section.

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