Manage the change history for your organization

See the change history for your organization

The change history is available only to Org admins.

The Change History page lets you keep track of:

  • When a change was made
  • Who made the change
  • What was changed

For example, you can easily see when someone linked a new account to your organization, added or removed users, changed the service level for an object, or changed the end date on an order.

Having a record of these changes eliminates confusion over something like an increase in billing--instead of wondering, you can search your change history to see that one of your administrators changed the service level for a property from standard to 360, or made changes to the billing parameters.

You can see changes for the last two years.

To see Change History:

  1. Sign in to Google Marketing Platform.
  2. Click Administration > Organizations.
  3. Click the relevant organization.
  4. Click Change History.

Filter the contents of the change history

You can filter the contents of the change history in order to do things like:

  • Search for changes by a particular user
  • Search for changes within a specific date range

Two filters are applied by default:

  • System-generated changes are excluded (Changed by Excludes System user)
  • Only messages for the last 30 days are included (Date Before <today's date>)

To open the filters, click Filter.

You can filter by:

  • Date: the date or date range when changes were made
  • Changed by: the user(s) who made changes
  • Action Description: a description of the change
  • Category: the area of the organization in which the change was made (e.g., Products, Billing)

Use the menus to choose the types of filters, whether to include or exclude the information you identify, and to select or enter values for the filters.

Click Apply to filter the change-history contents.

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