Set a policy for which users are allowed access to product accounts

At this time, enforced policies are only in effect for Google Analytics.

The Policies page lets Org admins create a policy based on domains and email addresses that governs which users administrators can allow on your product accounts.

By default, the policy allows any user.

To modify your user policy:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics 360 Suite account.
  2. Select the relevant organization, then click Organization settings.
  3. Under User management, click User policies.
  4. Under Policy rules, select one of the following options:
    • Allow any user: any user is allowed access to product accounts
    • Allow only users who fit the following criteria: users are allowed per the domain/email criteria you define with the next options
  5. If you select Allow only users who fit the following criteria:
    1. Under Allowed users:
      • For Email domains, click + to enter a domain name to allow users whose email addresses belong to that domain
      • For Email addresses, click + to enter the email address of individual users you want to allow
    2. Optionally, under Banned users, click +, and enter the email addresses of users you don't want to allow on product accounts.
  6. Enforce user policies: Turn on the switch if you want to prevent user admins for your product accounts from adding users who violate the policy (currently only in effect for Google Analytics).

    Leave the switch set to off if you want your policies to be only advisory.

You can see which users are in violation of your policy by clicking Organization settings > User management > Users. Users who are in violation of the policy are identified with a warning icon.

You can filter the All users list to see only users who do or do not violate the policy:

  1. Click Organization settings > User management > Users.
  2. On the All Users page, click Filter > ADD FILTER.
  3. Click Choose column > Violates user policy.
  4. Select Yes or No depending on which users you want to see listed.
  5. Click APPLY.
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