Benefits of linking product accounts to a 360 Suite organization

Take advantage of 360 Suite management features.

Linking your product accounts to an Analytics 360 Suite organization provides a number of benefits:

  • Linked product accounts and their associated user accounts are managed in a single, integrated environment.
  • Administrators can change an account from Standard to 360 and benefit from additional features and SLAs.
  • Any objects associated with a linked account (e.g., Analytics properties, Tag Manager containers) are visible in Organization settings, and 360 Suite administrators can take actions on those objects (e.g., change the service level from Standard to 360 for an Analytics property or a Tag Manager account).
  • Billing administrators can see data usage and manage billing for linked accounts from the Organization settings page.

Organization administrators who are also product administrators can complete the linking process.

When an organization administrator who is not also a product administrator initiates the linking process, then the product administrator receives an email request and must approve the linking.

Email request to approve account linking

If you are a product administrator who receives a link request, verify that the request is from an organization to which your account should be linked. If the request appears to be from the wrong organization, report this to your account manager or to Google support.

To see any pending link requests you have for a particular product, log in to with your administrator credentials for that product. You can approve requests from that page.

When a product administrator initiates the linking process, Suite users who have the Admin role are given user-management permissions for the product account. Those permissions cannot be removed as long as the product remains linked to the Suite.

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