Initial setup

To get the most out of Analytics 360 Suite:

Take these first few steps to establish your branding throughout the 360 Suite, and to make sure you can take advantage of the full spectrum of management features:

Create an organization, and link your company's Google+ page

To log in to the 360 Suite and create an organization, you need to be a user on at least one of the 360 Suite product accounts (e.g., Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize).

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics 360 Suite account.
    Suite Home with organization cards
    Organization configuration
  3. Enter a name for the organization, for example, your company name.
  4. Link your Google+ page and import your company logo.

    When you link your company’s Google+ profile to the Analytics 360 Suite organization profile, your logo and brand are used throughout.

    If you don’t know the URL for your company’s Google+ profile page, search for the Google+ page with the following query:

    <company name> Google+ profile page

    You’ll find something like: name

    If your company does not have a Google+ profile, visit Manage your Brand Account to create one.
  5. Under Google+ profile URL, enter the URL for your company's Google+ profile page.
  6. Select the product accounts you want to link to the organization.
    • Click Link.
    • Select each account you want to link, and click SELECT.
    To fully link an account, you have to be a user in the organization and an administrator for the product account. If you're not an administrator for the product account, then you have the option to send an email to the account administrators so they can approve the request.
  7. Click CREATE.

If you don't have a Google+ profile when you create your organization, you can edit the organization details later to add the URL.

Organization configuration

Change your company logo

Google Analytics 360 Suite imports the logo you use for your Google+ company-profile page.

If you have updated the logo on your Google+ company-profile page and that URL hasn't changed, then you don't need to take any action.

If you're using a different Google+ company-profile page, then enter the new URL:

  1. Sign in to your Google Anlaytics 360 Suite account.
  2. Select the organization for which you want to change the logo.
  3. Click Organization settings.
  4. In Organization details, click Edit.
  5. Under Google+ profile URL, enter the URL for your company's Google+ profile page.
  6. Click SAVE.

Add administrators to your organization

It's necessary to add additional administrators to your organization to ensure that someone is always available to perform administrative tasks, and manage ownership of and access to your organization. Administrators are visible to any user in your organization.

Follow the instructions in the help center to add administrators.

Link product accounts to your organization

In order to take advantage of features like managing users, controlling product accounts, and billing from a single location, you need to link each product account to the organization.

To link an account, you need to be a user in the organization and an administrative user on that account. If you are not an administrative user on the account, an email request to approve the linking is sent to account administrators.

Verify previously linked accounts

If you previously linked Google Analytics Premium accounts to your organization, then you need to verify that they are still valid accounts for your organization.

To verify accounts:

  1. In Suite Home, click the organization card, the click Organization settings.
  2. Under Products, click Analytics.
  3. Follow the instructions to verify any of the Analytics accounts that were previously linked to your organization.

Learn more about the benefits of linking your product accounts to your 360 Suite organization.

Next steps

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