Analytics 360 Suite accounts vs. Standard accounts

Google offers two versions of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Optimize:

  • Standard: A free version designed for smaller businesses that generate less data, require a standard set of analysis tools, and do not need the support of a professional-services agreement.
  • 360: An enterprise version designed for businesses that generate large amounts of data, require a more sophisticated set of analysis tools, and that also benefit from a professional-services agreement.

Businesses that use the 360 versions of the products may also have Standard versions (for example, to test configurations). The Google Analytics 360 Suite brings all of your accounts together into a single product experience.

360 and Standard accounts are grouped together by organizations. An organization represents a company, and provides access to one or more 360 product accounts. When you’re operating in the Analytics 360 Suite, there is a common header that lets you switch between accounts, organizations, and products. For example:

  • If you have access to more than one user account, you can switch between them using the header.
  • If each user account has access to multiple organizations you can switch between those using the header.
  • In the context of each organization, you can switch between products in the Google Analytics 360 Suite.
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