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To sign in to the Google Analytics 360 Suite:

Go to, and enter your Google account name and password.

Suite Home opens with a display of cards for each of your organizations. After you sign in the first time, Suite Home opens to the last organization you selected.

Suite Home gives you access to every aspect of the 360 Suite as described in the following sections.


Suite Home with organization cards
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The header gives you options to:

  • Send feedback and open help content.
  • Manage your Google account.


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2 Action bar

Use the links on the action bar to:

3 Organization cards

Click a card…

Organization cards open that organization.

Organization objects

1 Product-account objects

A list of product-account objects ordered by a combination of recency, frequency, and whether you've identified an object as a favorite (added a star).

Product-account objects include things like Analytics properties and views, Tag Manager containers, and Data Studio reports. Click an object to open it in the context of its product account.

Click a product-account object to open that object in the product account.

Switch product accounts

Once you're in a product account, you can switch to any of the other product accounts in that organization.

At the top-left of the page, click the universal picker…

Universal picker: current account object open the menu of account links for that product, and the navigation icons for the other products.

Universal picker: organization menu, product icons, product-account hierarchy

Click a product icon to open that product.

Use the account links to navigate to product-account objects.

Use the menu on the top-left to switch organizations.

2 Organization menu

Click the organization menu…

Organization menu, closed switch to any of the other organizations for which you have permissions.

Organization menu, open

Click All Accounts to display a list of product-account objects from all of the accounts in the current organization.

3 Product-account icons

Product-account icons in universal picker

Click a product-account icon to display the objects associated with that account.

Click the Home icon to return to the original display of objects.

4 Organization settings

Click Organization settings to open the administrative interface for the 360 Suite.

Manage contracts and billing (360 Suite customers), organizations, and product accounts.

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5 Suite Education

Suite Education gives you access to the help center for the Google Analytics 360 Suite, which also includes the help centers for other products like Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360, Optimize 360, Audience Center 360, Attribution 360, Data Studio 360, and Surveys 360.

There's also information about new feature and platform development in upcoming product releases.


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Add your company logo, add administrators, and link product accounts.

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