About the Google Analytics 360 Suite

The Google Analytics 360 Suite is a set of integrated data-and-marketing analysis products that are designed specifically for marketers who operate at the enterprise level. This suite of products lets you analyze consumer behavior, develop relevant insights, and then provide a more engaging brand experience.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite comprises:

  • Google Analytics 360 Suite Home: Use the Overview and Admin tabs to manage the 360 Suite.
  • Google Analytics 360: Develop insights into how users engage with your business online and offline.
  • Google Attribution 360: Model cross-channel, cross-device attribution that focuses on ad impressions and ad clicks.
  • Google Audience Center 360: Consolidate audience lists and user data to build new audiences, publish those audiences to your marketing platforms, and report on their performance.
  • Google Tag Manager 360: Use an enterprise workflow to manage web and app tags from a single interface.
  • Google Optimize 360: Run website experiments and personalize content for different audiences.
  • Google Surveys 360: Create online surveys.


Products and users are collected together in organizations. An organization represents a company, and lets you access your company’s product accounts, manage product users, and also display information like administrative contacts and the company logo.

When you’re operating in the Analytics 360 Suite, there is a common header that lets you switch between user accounts, organizations, products, and product entities. For example:

  • If you have access to more than one user account, you can switch between them using the header.
  • If each user account has access to multiple organizations you can switch between those using the header.
  • In the context of each organization, you can switch between linked products.
  • In the context of a product, you can switch between product entities, for example, in Analytics 360, you can switch between accounts, properties, and views.

360 vs. Standard

Google offers two service levels for Analytics and Tag Manager:

  • 360: Designed for businesses that generate large amounts of data, require a more sophisticated set of analysis tools, and that also benefit from a professional-services agreement.
  • Standard: Designed for smaller businesses that generate less data, require a standard set of analysis tools, and do not need the support of a professional-services agreement.

You determine the service level after you link a product to the Suite, and you can have whatever mix best suits your business: for example, you might prefer an Analytics 360 account to support your daily business operations, but need only an Analytics Standard account to test configurations.

Next step

Sign in to the 360 Suite, and find your way around.

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