Setup Guide for Enterprise

Step 1: Sign up for Maps Engine

Follow this guide to sign up and set up a Maps Engine account for your organization:

  1. Contact Google Sales using this online form.
  2. During signup, you'll be asked for a domain name to organize user accounts within your organization. You can use an existing domain if you already have one, or you can buy a domain before you sign up.

    For more information, see Purchase a domain from a Google partner. You can also purchase a domain from a registrar of your choice.

  3. (If you've already signed up for Google Apps, Google Coordinate, or another Google service, you can skip this step.) Go to the Google Apps for Business site and click Get Started to sign up for a free Google Apps trial account. This trial account will allow you to gain access to the Admin console, a tool used by Enterprise administrators to create users and groups for Maps Engine.
  4. Create your first Google Apps account by filling in the form that appears. Keep track of this information.

    This account is the "super-user account" that you'll use to create user accounts and administrators for Maps Engine.