Downloading your source data

Google's data liberation philosophy means that you don't lose control of any data source that you've uploaded to Maps Engine. You can download the data from the Data details page or get a link for the download and distribute the link by email or on the web. Files are downloaded exactly as they were when they were originally uploaded.

Note: You can download a data source only if it's been uploaded and processed. If an error occurred during the initial upload and processing, the download option won't appear.

The download has the form of a zip file that contains all the files that were originally associated with a data source. For example, the download for a vector data source based on a shapefile would include a .shp, .prj, .dbf, and .shx file.

To disseminate data sources to others who don't have access to Maps Engine:

  1. View the Data details page.
  2. Specify a viewer access list for the Accessible by value.
  3. Get the Download URL link from the Data details page.
  4. Distribute the link to anyone included in the access list.
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