Known issues

For a list of Google Maps Engine known issues, read the details that follow and then see our issue tracker.

The issue tracker lists two types of items:

  • Limitations identified by Google.

  • Issues and feature requests reported by customers and qualified by Google.

If you think you’ve found an issue to report, first search this help center to see whether the behavior is known and expected. Next, review the issue tracker to see whether the issue has already been reported.

If the issue already appears in the issue tracker:

  1. If you’re not already signed in, sign in with any Google account.  The account need not be your Google Maps Engine account.
  2. View and star the issue. By starring the issue, you’re voting for its importance and signing up for notifications when the status of the issue changes.  
  3. Add any comments you’d like to make.

If the issue doesn’t appear in the issue tracker, please file a case on the support portal, rather than using the New issue button. The support team will examine your case to ensure that the issue is new. If it’s a new issue, the team may create both an internal issue and an item in this issue tracker.

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