These are some of the questions that the Maps Engine team hears from customers and prospective customers. If the answer is found in this help center, you'll see a link to the appropriate article. We're sorry to make you click again, but hope that you'll find some other valuable information in the referenced article.

How many data sources can I put into a layer? How many layers in a map?
For more information about supported source data, refer to Supported data formats and limits.
How long will it take to process my imagery?
Time to build an imagery data source and layer is hard to quantify and predict. The source file format, resolution, and geographic coverage affect the processing time, as does the load on Google servers at upload time. Processing could take as little as a few minutes or several hours to complete.

What vector formats do you support? What imagery formats do you support?
For these and other questions about data that Maps Engine accepts, refer to Supported data formats and limits.

What versions of the Google Earth client do you support? What version of Google Earth Plugin do you support?
For information about supported clients, refer to refer to How to view maps in supported clients.

How do I get access to the support site?
Visit the Google for Work Support site. If you don't already have a username and password, refer to this article about how to access the site.
How do I submit issues?
To contact the support team, log into the Google for Work support portal, click the Cases tab, and submit a case. You'll get a case number that you can monitor.

Alternatively, leave feedback for the Maps Engine team by using the Send feedback link in the Maps Engine application. When you use the Send feedback link, you can easily attach screenshots, and even annotate them. However, this method of sending feedback is anonymous and will not create a trackable case.
What happens if I run out of map loads or storage quota?
For a description of how map loads and quota are applied and what happens when you run out, refer to Monitoring map loads and quota.

Can I download my source data from Maps Engine?
Yes! Refer to Downloading your source data for more information.
What projections does Maps Engine support for WMS client access?
For imagery over WMS, Maps Engine supports Plate-Carree (EPSG code 4326) and Mercator (EPSG code 3857), as well as legacy Mercator codes EPSG:3785 and EPSG:900913. For vectors over WMS, Maps Engine supports only Mercator.
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