Adding new users and groups Updated!

Google Maps Engine users require a Google account for login. In addition, within Maps Engine, each user is assigned one of the following roles:

  • Administrators have access to all data, layers, and maps in Google Maps Engine. They can view, create, edit, and delete any asset.
  • Creators can perform the following tasks:
    • Upload data sources (images, terrain, vectors, kml) to the account/project.
    • Create new maps, layers, and mosaics in the account.
    • View all assets shared with them.
    • Edit all assets they have created and all assets that have been uploaded by other users and shared with them with write privileges.
    • Delete assets that they themselves have created or uploaded.

Administrators can follow these steps to add new users to Maps Engine:

  1. Sign in to Maps Engine with your Google account at
  2. Click the Settings icon and select Manage users.
  3. Click the Add user button.
  4. In the Add new user dialog, type the following information:
    • User details: Enter the complete email address of the new user. The email address can be either an individual user account or a group account. If a group is added as an administrator, all members of that group will have administrative rights. You can add only one email address at a time.
    • Role: Select either Administrator or Creator from the drop-down list.
  5. Press Save to add the new user or group to Maps Engine.

Each project in an account can have a maximum of 20 administrators and two administrative groups.