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Each type of item in the Google Maps Engine catalog (such as data, layers, and maps) passes through a number of states, which are shown on the item's Details page. They generally fall into the following categories:

  • Uploading and ingestion: You specify the files that you want to import into Google Maps Engine, and Maps Engine imports the files, then performs some import-time checks, sanitization, and conversions as part of the ingestion process.
  • Preview processing: Preview processing for data occurs during the last phases of uploading and ingestion, as described above. It also occurs during the creation of layers from data, when you can preview a draft of the layer.
  • Publication: When you publish a map, Maps Engine's servers prepare it, stage it, and serve it. Likewise, there is a withdrawal process if you unpublish the map.
Status Applies to... Description
Uploading Data Upload of data files is in process. Maps Engine creates a data source entry in its catalog upon start of the upload, giving it a state of Uploading while the upload continues.
Upload failed Data A data upload was canceled or failed. To continue with this data, try restarting the upload.
Not ready to process Data, layers, maps For a data source: Google Maps Engine finished uploading the specified data but needs some additional information in order to process it. For example, a required associated file might be missing.

For a layer: A layer was created but is empty or includes unprocessed data.

For a map: A map was created but is empty or has layers that are unprocessed or unpublished. All layers must be published before a map can be processed.
Ready to process Data, layers For a data source: The metadata for a previously uploaded data source has been edited. The data was originally processed during upload, but must be reprocessed after an edit.

For a layer: The layer was created and the data sources in it are already processed. Now the layer can be processed.
Is being processed Data, layers This message includes an indicator of the processing phase, such as [Step 1 of 3], as described below.

For a data source: Maps Engine is converting a data source upon upload. Maps Engine creates a data source entry in its catalog upon start of the upload, first giving it a status of Uploading and then a status of Is being processed.


The steps for imagery data sources are:

  • metadata validation: checking the data source description
  • sanitization: securely reading the pixel data
  • encoding: converting the data to a neutral format for further use
  • generating thumbnail: creating the image used with the data source

The steps for vector data sources are:

  • data fetch: obtaining the data from the data source
  • data conversion: making type conversions as needed
  • data ingestion: writing the data into Google's internal storage

For a layer: Layer processing is in progress. The two steps are:

  • ingestion: writing the layer into Google's storage as a new entity
  • blend: performing graphical fixes such as seaming, feathering, and so on.
Error processing Data, layers An error occurred. Further information is available in the error message details. Possible errors:
  • Cancelled: Processing was stopped in response to user request.
  • Blocked: Internal error.
  • Bad asset:
    • For a data source: A file was missing or corrupted.
    • For a layer: A problem occurred during use of the data that went into the layer.
  • Unprocessable: Metadata associated with a data source is faulty. For example, text on the Details page might have an incorrect format or invalid characters.
Was processed Data, layers The item is available to view.
Was published Maps, layers For a layer: The layer can now be used in a map.

For a map: Google is now serving the map.
Was unpublished Maps, layers For a layer: A user requested the unpublishing of the layer. If the layer is already part of a published map, it disappears from the map.

For a map: The map is no longer being served, in response to a user's request.
System error Any General error message for an internal Maps Engine error. Further information may be available in the error message details. These are documented in Error messages.
Updating draft Map The map is being processed.


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