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google maps has no 3d view and no globe option anymore no 3D no globe option
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What are 'unconfirmed places' and how do I confirm them Can't seem to find a simple 'This is what they are' and 'This is what you do Import Google Maps 'Saved Places' Into Custom My Map I have a list of about 75 locations saved to a custom list in Google Maps (under "Your Places" and "… Is there a way to save a google maps trip to "My Places or My Maps? I am trying to create maps to use for navigation and save them to My Places / Maps so I have them fo… When i try to view My Timeline, it shows "No Places Visited" for every single day. When I go to "View My Timeline" every day says "No Places Visited" yet I have visited alot of places…
0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 76 Upvotes
I have created a map in Google Maps. How do I save it into Google Drive or My Maps? I have tried all 'Help' availability, tried to save map into Google Drive, etc. Only seems to be abl…
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When will they improve usability of Streetview? I use Streetview a lot, and the usability is no offense, but terrible for an otherwise awesome produ…
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Why can't I add videos to locations in Google Maps? It always shows error unlike with photos. I can upload photos to locations on Google Maps, but I cannot do the same with video clips taken fro… computer version of Google Maps is washed out and I can't see the streets and lot lines anymore I've tried all of the Themes and Contrasts in Chrome or IE and in Windows 7 that I think would make … how do i set "satellite view" as default? maps keeps diverting back to regular map view. i like the satellite view. seems like there used to b… Using the Timeline for google maps, how can I see everywhere I have been during the week or month? I am able to see the days individually; however, i would like to see what my map looks like after th… Google Maps satellite images not loading I was using Google Maps and Google Earth to export some mapping data all yesterday, when all of the …
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Google maps not showing public transit information?! Google Maps does not show the available urban transport route. Instead, just show the pedestrian rou…
0 Recommended Answers 34 Replies 81 Upvotes
Review not published I noticed that all of my recent reviews haven't been published. Some of you indicated that Google Al…
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