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Updated: Yesterday
How do I add radar to Google Maps? I don’t have bubble icon from right side I updated app but still don’t have this icon
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Google won’t correct the name of my road after multiple attempts over years. Over the past several years I’ve submitted request to change my road name to Lee Rd 175. Every road …
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Geospere pics incorrect and improperly linked and Street View no longer allows me to edit. My geospherical contributions have been altered: links between have changed, some pics missing. In t…
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Postcode not shown in Google maps properly Hi. We moved to a new build in December and had problems with Maps recognising our postcode on googl… Can I find out the cities for a given travel time from my starting point? From point A, 7 hrs south? From my starting point A, driving south, what cities are X hours away from me? For example, if I am … Our home is 25977 South Oak STREET Millsboro DE 19966. Maps is taking u to 25977 S. Oak DRIVE 19966. I have submitted to Google twice with no luck. It says it’s fixed but it’s not. This is a new home b…
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I can’t add my address to google maps. I have submitted requests in the past they are just ignored Unable to add my address. Deleting the house name still doesn’t find my area. Then the search lists …
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I need help in addressing the mistake on Google Maps of Kyiv, Ukraine. Hello I am looking for your help in addressing the mistake on Google Maps of Kyiv, Ukraine. I own a …
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Updated: This week
Incorrect address location I’ve placed a request to correct the address to my home on March 17th and it still hasn’t been corre…
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Type in a few specific addresses, it locates then jumps to a different location with same road name When I type my friends address, it locates it then when I click “search” it immediately jumps to a d…
4 Replies
Our private road has house names only. How do I register our residential house name address w maps? The road is registered with google maps however the house name is not? How do I register the house n…
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please can someone from google help put my eircode on maps. I have tried a few times on maps Have numerous times tried to get our eircode on maps , I've gone through all the steps recommended a… speed alerts for iOS users Hi! As an iPhone user in a country where you support the speed limit and speedometer features, it wo…
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My address is incorrect on maps My street name was somehow allowed to be changed on here by an editor but it is incorrect. The city …
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I would like to add our eircode to google maps. Could someone please contact me in relation to this. We have received our eircode and are now trying to have it added to Google maps. We have been unsucc…
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I want to fix a wrong address of a school. I've already sent a suggestion but it nothing happened. A school in my town is misplaced on the map. I sent a suggestion to change the location but nothing …
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