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My maps not saving, any way to recover? Yesterday I was working in My Maps making changes, after a few hours the map glitched and said that …
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My starred and saved places no longer automatically display on my map Neither my saved nor my favorited places show on my map anymore since yesterday. I have tried loggin… Postcode Boundary Incorrect on Google Maps The postcode BT33 0UY is incorrectly prescribed in Google Maps here. Our road "Annacrievy" shares th… How do I stop Google Maps from automatically giving directions to home when I leave work? When I leave work or home my phone automatically tells me how long it will take to get to either hom…
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Ho can I remove a review I did on google I looked around Google no one could Help me. S When using Google maps for our home address, Google gives wrong directions. I've reported the error multilple times through the map reporting process, but after months Google h…
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How do I disable the obnoxious “Explore Nearby” pop-up tab in Google Maps? Every time I open the Google Maps app on my iPhone [7 Plus], the “Explore Nearby” tab always pops up… Saved places are not showing up on map My saved places are not showing up on my google maps My postcode N22 5BF is wrong on gmaps by 200m Hi My postcode is in the wrong location on maps. It's N22 5BF and should be Woodside Apartments on C… how can I remove an incorrect business name at my home address? Have Suggested an edit but no joy. There’s a business address named at my home address so instead of 20 “” Road, it says business name,…
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My navigation blue arrow does not move and is stuck in its place. My blue navigation arrow on google maps is frozen and does not move with me as I physically move. I …
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My home postcode is missing Google map is still didn’t fix the issues I address in July 2019 - my home postcode is still missing…
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How can I get total distance of route with multiple stops? (iPhone app or PC Chrome). When I create a multi stop route and get directions, I just want to see / know the total distance! H…
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Where are my Google Street View photo spheres? Also shows nothing under Featured, Explore, Profile.. I don’t see my spheres anymore, anywhere. Not in Google Photos, Google+ ... and there aren’t any pho… How can I get the location link from google calendar to use google maps as the default app? When I click on the location link from google calendar I want it to use my google map app.
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Google Map is not working on my phone. The navigation is wrong, shows different locations (iPhone 6) Hi there Google maps can’t show correct directions anymore. It starts right and shows my spot, then …
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