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Rename unnamed roads in Phnom Penh I have just moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I am a Google Local Guide Level 6. The development that I… Map of my area needs a large change Hi, so I live on a new development and the area around me has completely changed in the past year. T… Phnom Penh - New development. Roads not named on Google Maps A new development has been built and people are already living there. However the streets are not na…
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The map cannot be saved because there is a problem with cookie settings.
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Some Edits not applying and people can't get to my neighborhood now (according to Google Maps) I have attached a snip of the map area that I am referring to. I sent in map updates about a month a…
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Is it possible for Google to check who created business entries maliciously I am concerned about this entry: https://goo.gl/maps/CG7YkoHLCFqJU6TU8 It's a private residential ad…
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An area has been wrongly named after a building and i couldnt find any option to report it I have been trying for months to correct the name of the area, someone has put the name of the whole…
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Street names have disappeared. How do I get them to display again? StreetStrret Trouble adding public boat launches in Minnesota, getting "Address or map location is incorrect"? I've looked around support and other questions but searches do not produce answers about this error …
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How do I get my new build residential home address added to Google Maps? I have tried EVERYTHING imaginable to get this done...for OVER 6 months. How do I get my new residen…
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How to remove a place/ pin from my map? Removed the place from my timeline. Only places I have saved are home and work.
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Added a place to Google Maps. Got email saying its approved. It still is not reflected in the map. I updated name of a road and it got approved. I got an email that update was published. But when I g… Can someone please add a road? Thank you for reading. A month and a half ago I took the steps to have a road added to Google Maps, …
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