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Town name is incorrect for large number of addresses for 2 adjacent towns in a zip code The actual issue… Belvedere and Tiburon are different entities within a shared zip code. There is a …
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Moved into new home need to update my address location oogle maps as the default address loc is wron Moved into new home need to update my address location for google maps/gps as the default address lo…
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Local businesses continue to show up as my home address on Google Maps! Annoying, how to stop it??? OK, this is ANNOYING!!! Google, something is jacked up in your database, please fix this!!! When I v…
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Import Google Maps 'Saved Places' Into Custom My Map I have a list of about 75 locations saved to a custom list in Google Maps (under "Your Places" and "… How can i redeem the points gained as a local guide ? Usage of the credit points ? Postcode shows wrong location on the map The postcode RM11 3XA shows the wrong location on the map and points to someone’s garden. The full a…
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How can I get my street name updated in Maps? Causing me a lot of difficulty I have submitted multiple requests through Maps over the last 8 months attempting to get my street n…
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Hi, my postcode is shown in the wrong place on Google Maps. My postcode RG4 7EB is shown at the wrong location. Google maps shows it on The Warren, it should ac…
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A solution to the problem of an incorrectly named road? Hi. I wondered if the following issue could be forwarded to someone in a position able to rectify it…
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The Google Maps address for my business is incorrect. Editing does not work. My business - RCM Transport - is showing as 49 McKenzie Crescent, Red Deer County Alberta, Canada. C…
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My street name doesn't appear on Google Maps search results but another street with same name does. Multiple streets in Marrakech have the same name but only one appears when searching on Google Maps.… My road and address will not populate on google maps, despite submitting over 10 different inquires. I also am trying to get my address on Google Maps. I have submitted over 10 inquires for labeling a …
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To create map. I go to Your places > maps but it’s all blank with no option to “create map” I would like to create a map using Google Maps. I’ve checked how to do this but I’m stopped by the f…
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Why doesn't Maps properly include USFS administrative boundaries? See this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/MapperJess/status/1222220395194904577. I've been asking…
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I have edit the road and house location and came back as Not Applied. I have submitted feedback several times and keep getting Not Applied.
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Please add the missing road and my home address please!! Hi Google Map Experts, I reported this missing road and address many many times but didn't get any r…
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Did the Geocoder Tool get deprecated or moved? Been using the Geocoder tool to validate addresses that usually don't match in maps. Wondering if an…
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Olá google maps, minha rua não aparece as imagens terrestres, e o nome dela está incorreta, ajude-me Pedi a alteração do endereço da minha rua, pois o nome que não está no momento não consta em pedidos…
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Edits Still Being Ignored It used to be easy to get map errors fixed in the early 2000s, but the past couple of years, Google …
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Google maps has the wrong road name for McClary Road in Leelanau County, MI, USA. It is not Cohedas I have sent 10 requests to Google Maps to correct the road name to McClary Road. It is not Cohedas. …
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