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How to add an eircode to google maps I am using a Mac Desktop and have tried adding my eircode several times on google map, but keep gett… I want to add my Eircode to google maps HI, I would like to add my new Eircode to Google maps. I have tried to do it through Google maps "ad…
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Google maps has the wrong house address for this house! Hello this address is wrong, 8S300 Oxford Ln, Naperville, IL 60540 It’s suppose to be: 1239 Oxford L…
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How do I add/change polygons on Google Map? As per request of Gold Product Expert Map Wrangler I'm duplicating the question that has already bee…
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It's been a month since my road creation & address request. How can I get this done? I submitted a request about a month ago for a road creation and address creation. Neither has been d…
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Change of legal address - Google Maps won't update it! The Village changed our legal address and I have sent edits to Google Maps several times by suggesti…
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How can I add my Village in Google maps? Hello. My village name is nowhere in google maps. I want to add my Village in Google maps, but I don…
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My Village Name Not have in Google Maps, How can i add my village With Road? My Village not showing Google map, and Google map Road? But hare is living many People, and Have a G…
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My home address map marker never gets corrected despite submitting reports for the last 3 years Hi Any help appreciated - I've been trying to sort these issues out since 2017 through lots of repor…
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Someone added wrong label to my place so i want you to remove it I have also given request for edit, but Google always ignores it. So please help me.
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How to get google th change a street name On 1200 east mapleton, utah, 84664 as the road travels south at 900 south to 1600 south the road nam…
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How add a village in google mps My village name is ganeshpur 27.4097023, 83.0404334 is Coordinate pls add my village
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How can I request instant call back from Google Maps specialist to resolve my maps listing problem. Google has been able to help with missing road name. However, the street as per google maps ends 200…
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How add a pond in maps Pls add this pond name is Mahabharat Kalin Talab coordinate is 27.4010720, 83.0281140
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My postcode PA34 4QQ when typed into google maps points to location in Dunoon which is wrong Reported it to google several times to no avail. PA34 4QQ is the postal code in Kilmore, Oban, but w…
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Corrections to street names "not applied" I work for the City of Plano and I maintain our street center line data. I reported that the street …
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How to get Google to fix a map error? I have submitted 17 corrections to the roads in our neighborhood over the past three months, and not…
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Add new Eircode to Google Maps Hi there, I have a new house and would like to add the Eircode to Google Maps. Can you create a form…
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How do I get the post code changed for my road its in the wrong place? Help Please My Post Code marker (L9 9EF) shows as East Orchard Lane but it should be marking West Orchard Lane n… Google maps for my home /directions/photo incorrect: changes not being accepted Hi, My address is still showing in the wrong location on Google Maps. Changes are not being applied.…
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