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Hi! I erroneously added a contact number as I was scrolling down to find the contact number of the b I erroneously added a random phone number as i was trying to find out the business number myself.. I…
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If there is no any area name so how to location name we have to gave name say about I have to locate my area name it's name Mhshitola near Labhan Dharni right side vellage it's put the…
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Turn off auto translation of places, comments and descriptions on maps Hi, I'm fluent in english and portuguese, I live in Brazil so my native language is portuguese, but … my phone number was used on a website that I am not affiliated with My phone number has been listed on a website that I am not affiliated with. It shows up at Clinger H…
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Why are all of my edits pending? So, technically, all of my edits are pending, ever since my Harbor Freight Tools in Frankfort, KY pl…
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Hong Kong business information edits or creation rejection rate far too high I've found that Hong Kong Google Maps is in an extremely messy state. Countless well visited stores/…
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Review not showing up I left a long review for a doctor that treated me horribly. I left the review and it showed up, but … How do I reply twice to the same Q & A in Google Maps? A user has asked a question on Google Maps and I answered the question. About a year later, another …
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Why is the "Popular Times" vertical bar graph not showing for a state (PA) govt office? I wanted to see how busy my local (Philadelphia) county assistance office was, but the vertical bar …
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