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Updated: Today
address for my business is corrrect but when clicking get directions it shows a different location Hello, I'm trying to update the address for my business on Maps. The address is 740 Central Florida …
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How to fix my current location in Google maps? My current location on google maps is in a different country. I was in Denmark two weeks ago, but ha…
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Why is the person's icon greyed out when they are sharing their location, versus being lit up? Just trying to find out if the person has left yet, or if that person forgot their phone at that loc… I have been able to share 1 pin drop. i would like to do is share multi pins 2 or more in one email I am able to send a single pin drop by email i have also sent 3 pin drops in a list. What i would li…
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My address is not showing up correctly on google maps My address shows up a half a mile down the road from where it actually is. Even when i take my exact…
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Google Maps auto correct address make my address wrong My address is: 21/6 Nguyen Thien Thuat, after I submit it Google auto change it to 6 Nguyen Thien Th… How can I remove wrong church name on my church address? When I searched 18 Essex Rd, Paramus, NJ 07652, always this wrong information comes up first. This i…
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My home address is appearing in Goggle Maps more than a mile away from where I live. I need help. I have tried for a year to get Goggle Maps to correct my home pin. The pin is showing up a mile away…
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this device is not sending location updates error I recently switched to a new phone and I can no longer use location sharing it just says 'this devic…
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When using DoorDash my address is not recognized. Does anyone know how to fix this? List address Offline mode - sometimes the blue route is not highlighted? When i dont use the app for 4-5 days, the blue route stops highlighting. In order to fix this i have…
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My home address is Missing in 3rd party apps that are "Powered by Google" for address verification. My home address is Missing in 3rd party apps that are "Powered by Google" for address verification. …
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Does "saved places" feature has a capacity limit? (cross-platforms) Let me begin by saying that I'm a huge fan of Google maps. This is one of my favorite applications a…
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Hi, my eircode won’t work on google maps? It’s working on other apps. Thanks I’m trying to get my eircode onto google maps
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Is there a way to show all the dates you are at a certain location on Google Maps? At once Find all the dates I was at a certain address without having to scroll through each individual day. …
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How long will it be until I hear back from feedback I provided to change the location of an address? I've submitted feedback but haven't heard back
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How can I change the business social profile? The Facebook link on google is not the correct one it leads to nothing. The correct link will be the…
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Maps incorrectly shows my house a block away. I submitted corrections, but no change was made. Help! - Issue resolved! - I can’t get my Eircode on maps - the status has been pending for months I can’t add my address to maps. It has been pending for months. I followed all the correct steps to …
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Location of postcode is incorrect causing issues for deliveries The postcode for my address shows in the wrong location. Postcode is S17 3RE. This postcode only cov…
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