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Is there a way to upload pictures to Street View from the PC instead of using the Street View app? 1 Recommended Answer 9 Replies 18 Upvotes
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I was trying to upload some pictures to Street View, but the app crashed and aborted the upload.
Now I have to start all over again, and the upload process takes "forever".
Is there a way to upload from a PC so that I don't have to tie up my phone for hours at the time?

I appreciate the opportunity to upload "on the go", but when I'm in a remote area without any internet access, and taking hundreds of pictures, I would like the possibility to have a computer based solution.
That way I can start the upload before I go to bed, and hopefully it will be finished by the time I get up. :)
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Hi Roy Baardsen, in the official page of SV products https://www.google.com/streetview/contacts-tools/products/ you can find some software you can use to publish your VT using Desktop.
I'm currently publishing gothru.co, but there are many others.
Some are free for a trial publish of some panoramic photos, some require a payment plan.
Your choice.
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Thanks for a prompt reply. :)
I was hoping for an offline solution, but I guess these are better than nothing.
On a side note, I think Google should provide some software solution free of charge. After all, we are putting in a great deal of free labour for them.
A simple FTP-kind of thing would suffice. (At least when you have geo-tagged images.)
I know that the app is free, but as I said, it's not very convenient when you have lots of pictures, and I plan on covering an entire small town on the countryside in Africa next year. They don't have any useful internet connection out there.
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Hi Roy, as SVT photographer since 2013 I can tell you that we have a free solution provided by Google, since 2016, when they decided to develop SV API instead and open to third party development.
I can tell you, after 3 years, that these new tools are powerful and more useful than the Google original tool.
Let me know if I can help you in some other way.
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Do you have a link to the original Google tool?
To upload pictures, I don't need all the "bells and whistles" of the more complex programs. (Not to mention the monthly fees)
When I have taken the pictures, all I do is geo-tag them and then they'r ready for upload.
(My Street View-rig: Mobile phone, "madv mini" 360 cam, selfie stick, phone holder, bluetooth remote trigger and 1m USB extension cable.  :)
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You can use software called Pano2VR Pro which has much more than just publishing panoramas to Google Maps. You can link them in Pano2VR Pro and you can create custom tours using this software  that are self hosted. It is not cheap though but it's worth it. 

It is also good for editing existing tours/panoramas that have been published to GSV, applying your/customer logo at nadir and it can do it as a bulk action through editing a master node.  Not sure about publishing still photos through it. I cannot see why it would not work but never tried it.

Another great feature that will be hard to find in any other software that you can connect two different google street tours together. For example you can link a tour for outdoor with a tour created for indoor. This way people walking on  some outdoor path through  a Google Maps tour (which is not part for Google Street View done by Google) can enter the indoor tour.  The tours that you need to link should be on your/customer business account that you can access though. It won't you to link your tour with somebody's else tour.

If you look at my account at https://goo.gl/maps/vdJkKM521ZJaPZeKA most of panoramas have been published through Pano2VR Pro and even have my or my customer logo at nadir. Those that have no logo at nadir are for indoor spaces that have been published through Matterport. I can actually get them loaded in Pano2VR Pro, do the logo and reupload them back but my customer does not need it for their indoor tours.
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