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change cycling to motorcycle
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If you are on a motorcycle just use the settings for an automobile.
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Eric is correct in saying that it should be set to automobile. Maps are set to speed limit with traffic added in, so if you are going to be lanesplitting or something, just subtract some time off of the car time :)
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Driving a motorcycle is no different from driving any other vehicle.  Hopefully this answers everyone's concerns how Google maps works 😊
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Waze allows you to select motorcycle which changes the API to more scenic routes.
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@terry 2560 a motorcycle is something completely different. Lane splitting (which is legal almost everywhere in the world) makes lots of sense, and a new route for someone driving on a motorcycle can be postponed a little bit. This alleviates traffic pressure elsewhere.
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Motorcycles want to avoid dirt roads.
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Have any of you ever ridden a motorcycle
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Hello Arthur B - and ALL,
IMNHO, the most effective way to make your wishes known and effect change is to suggest what you want via the feedback mechanism.  There aren't any Google employees in this user-to-user forum, so no one from Google will ever see this post.
Google Maps developers are always looking for ways to improve Maps.  I suggest submitting your suggestion about a separate motorcycle attribute directly to the developers.  Google is unable to reply individually to suggestions unless they need more information, however, all suggestions are read and reviewed.  
I know this might sound like a "typical response", but I 'wanna tell 'ya ;) "suggestions from users" is one of the major ways enhancements and features are added to Maps!  Along with your suggestion if you can include just a sentence or two on how adding this feature would affect/benefit you -- that adds significant value to the suggestion.
You can find more information about submitting feedback here.  
FYI,  Maps is (currently) designed for "pleasure vehicles only" (i.e. conventional automobiles) -- no trucks, RV's, ATV's snowmobiles, etc.  If a road cannot be traveled by a conventional automobile it is marked accordingly and not included in navigation.  To that degree, motorcycles are included with automobiles.
@Christine Hedberg - motorcycles want to avoid dirt roads -- yes, except when they don't ; )  Many bikers want to discover the off-road trails (and urban alleyways) that are available for motorcycle travel.
@Gregg Schulz – I didn't know that about Waze.  That's a cool feature!  As you know more and more Waze features are being included in Maps.
@wade draper – yes.  For decades  ; )
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My .2 cents worth; what is a good analogy for "riding a motorcycle?". I have sex comes immediately  to my mind. That can mean several different things. I have been having a terrible time with Google maps lately. I too ride a motorcycle. I commute over 100 miles a day over perhaps the most dangerous paved roads in the world, not no not the middle east...Los Angeles. That's probably what wade meant. Waze does have the bike option, but it didn't seem to make any difference. I use wired headphones. I tried bluetooth maybe 5 years ago and same bs, maps stop. When you have already ridden 50 miles through people in their cages, texting, instafacetwits the last thing I need is no fkn voice navigation. I digress,  we dont have laws against smartphones and driving. If you say we do have laws against it, then you have read the paper or something but you dont know the actual law. I could explain but I that's not a map issue. So thank you @mapwrangler. I think all bikers should try this. I like to know traffic, sig alerts dont bother me so much if they're passable but when it's hot and the freeway is locked down, fkn hell. And the voice assistant turns on randomly. People who read this please be overly courteous to bikers. When I'm riding with my brights on its bc I want you kooks to SEE me, it's not personal. We ride faster than you drive bc 1) we can and 2) getting rear ended on a bike will kill you. That's all thanks again
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