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~6 months ago, Google Maps delete my address and broke every delivery service. 0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 1 Upvote
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Around 6 months ago, maybe longer, Google maps deleted my legal home address and that of my neighbors.  I've reported the problem.  I provided GPS information, a pinned map location, only to find out the suggested change was not applied.  My neighbors have, I'm told, done the same.   

Ordinarily, I wouldn't care very much, but, _every_ conceivable delivery service -- DHL, UPS, TNT, every food delivery service -- their apps tie into Google maps and takes them to the wrong place.  This guarantees about 5 or so different unwanted (and previously unnecessary) phone conversations every week and is aggravating to me and the delivery agents.

I don't know what else to do but post to this forum and hope someone will actually help me.
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Hi Jonathan,
Can you share more details regarding your issue (Address, Coordinates)
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13.712433, 100.525463 -- if you look up that on the map, you'll see gaps between the buildings which do not exist (its one contiguous building).

That street (it used to be Saint Louise 3 Soi 22), is actually Soi Chan 18/7 Yaek 17.

At that GPS location is 104 (that is the legal number, today.  It used to be 125).

If you look up that number, or the neighbors (102, 106, etc.) on re:  104 Soi Chan 18/7 Yaek 17, it points to the wrong soi.  https://goo.gl/maps/bvdLmpakbhQKGuTU9

Google maps used to be correct, but that was a long time ago.
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Hi Jonathan,
You can report the road related issue by following the steps mentioned in this article.
If you have already reported it, do share the full screenshot of the mail you received here.
Regarding the address, do follow the steps to report the address issue on Google Maps.
1. Search for your address (might present predicted marker)
2. Click Send Feedback @ Bottom Right Corner (Desktop Web) OR You can see Report a Problem option just below your address (Left side info Box)
3. Click Wrong Address and make necessary changes to Send.
Do keep the mail received after reporting the issue.
Let us know with details if you have issue.
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As I originally stated, I've already reported the issue.  More than once, and, supposedly, my neighbors have as well.

When I report the issue, I get email stating the report has been received and then..... nothing.  Only when I go into "My Contributions" and look at what I've submitted do I find that they've been "Not Applied".

So, here I am, on the forums asking for help.  Every website utilizing addresses, every delivery app is broken, and when I submit this as a problem, it gets rejected without any communication or reason why.  Leaving this situation broken.  Its my legal address and google maps is wrong.

I genuinely need help getting this resolved.  I know the steps to report a problem, I've clearly stated I've done so.  I need a human being to take ownership of this issue and fix it.

Last edited 10/10/19
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Hi Jonathan,
You are reporting the issue incorrectly. First of all you need to correct the road name.
Correct Name: Soi Chan 18/7 Yaek 17
Reporting Road Name Issue:
2. Click Send Feedback @ Bottom Right Corner (Desktop Web)
3. Click Wrong Information & Click on the road segment.
4. Choose Wat Prok 1 Alley
5. Click Road Name and enter the correct road name to submit (Don't Check Entire Road)
Do share the full screenshot of the mail you receive after reporting the issue.
For the address, we will look into it after the road name is changed.
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Thanks for your assistance so far.  The street name is changed.  Which is massive progress.  Attached is the response of the changed street name.

As far as the address, 125 now shows up.  Great -- that's the old house numbering.  125 is now, legally, 104.

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Hi Jonathan,
Let wait for ~ 1 week for the necessary changes to reflect on Google Maps.
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