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Faulty road information produces faulty route.
I'm reporting this here because I don't see a way to report it within Maps. To understand the problem requires viewing a route produced by Maps, https://goo.gl/maps/UkM6L9JtSqekn8Ah6

These roads are inside a manufactured home park that Maps hasn't accessed and recorded, so Maps can operate only by publicly available info. (Routes that leave the park or originate outside also produce the same error, so it's not an error exclusive to inside the park.)

The route is obviously absurd. I said 'faulty road info' in the title because it must be caused by some road information or status that prevents Maps from producing a correct route, such as a road being closed or one-way.

CLUES: I've had two Uber rides since moving here. I don't know what nav system they used. One bringing me inbound worked fine. One coming here to pick me up didn't even get in the park. His nav took him to a road outside the park, public road, but very near my house inside the park. I actually saw him drive by but he figured out in a minute and turned around and got in the park properly.

I've had other vendors come to the house, some had correct routes, others had incorrect routes.

The point being that different routers are using the same public information but coming up with different answers. None of us can control the park allowing access to Maps or not. All we can do is fix what we've got.
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Hi, Jim Barchuk
Welcome to Google Maps Community Support Forum & thanks for your post & thanks for pointing out a discrepancy in navigation.
I find, at present, Maps considers vehicles can't take a right turn at the intersection of Spillman Dr with Cayman Cir.
Then, Maps shows a detour via a longer route.
Similarly, Maps is not allowing a left turn from "Cayman Cir" to "Spilman Dr".
However, although there is a stop marker on Spillman Dr, there is no such marker on Cayman Cir, but the white median marker has a gap there. 

So, can you confirm whether a left turn is possible from "Cayman Cir" to "Spilman Dr"?
That will help in suggesting a suitable solution for both the discrepancies.
PS: In this peer support forum, volunteers answer the queries.
The volunteers are users of Google Maps like anyone.
Google employees or representatives aren't reading the posts usually.
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Relevant Answer
Hi and thanks for the reply. I'm a new resident at this park and noticed the problem the first time I came here. I'm extremely surprised that this problem exists, that no complaints (if any??) have had any effect. 

I understand what you're asking for but the problem isn't just turns, it's a lower level connectivity problem with the road Cayman Cir.

Here's another example route that uses no turns as such, using # addresses only on Cayman Cir. The issue is that the circle that is Cayman 'disconnects' in a sense at a point between Spillman and Oak Grove, so it's not a complete circle any more. Meaning, the router can't 'see' that one can drive Cayman Dr in a complete circle, when in reality one can. https://goo.gl/maps/43aCZJ77KgGC7FtV9

The attached image may have clues. This is the county appraiser record. Cayman and Oak Grove Dr are some of the oldest in t he park. Cayman probably at first was not a complete circle, so something about that may have carried across. The highlighted area includes a park entrance t hat isn't used now, though it might be used for bringing mobile homes in and out.

On the right side there's a box with 'item' data. The name is Friendly Ave which is obviously incorrect. However there *is * another Friendly Ave in the county which *might* cause some sort of data interference, the upshot of which is unpredictable (bugs.)

For example, way-back-when, Cayman was not a complete circle. When the road was completed, something in the county road data is incorrect or incomplete, causing Maps to produce a 'wrong' route. With Google vehicles never having surveyed the park, that bad data was not overridden / overwritten by 'reality,' so the road still appears to be an incomplete circle.

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Relevant Answer
Hi,  Jim Barchuk
Thanks for your reply
Appreciate your point.
However, any update to Google Maps happens through community efforts only.
That can occur through solo efforts by an individual.
Or through the property developer who uses the content partner route.
Nevertheless, there can be errors while doing so.
However, each one needs a correction through separate edit.
Alternatively, can you locate the source of the geodata upload?
Then, you can request the agency to make necessary corrections to the data.
That will expedite the correction of the errors in bulk.
Can you look for that?
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Relevant Answer
'...source of the geodata upload?'

I know 0 [zero] about how Maps acquires data.  What you say implies there's some sort of interface available to give data to Maps.  That's quite different from how I understand the 'traditional/original' Google works, that you 'go get the data.'

This kind of data is managed at the county level (I've been looking for a house recently and know how to use the county property appraiser sites and maps for several counties.  They're all 'similar but different.')

I find it easy to imagine someone responsible for managing online data and making it available such that Google and any other map site can get it. But that the local county worker is responsible for uploading maps data to a dozen or hundred different sites doesn't make a lot of sense.

So, though I understand only a minor % of what you're saying, I will call the county appraiser folks tomorrow to ask what they know about the system.  They may have a way to look at alleged problems.

Thanks much!
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Relevant Answer
Hi,  Jim Barchuk
Thanks for your reply
I believe you have gone through the links embedded in my previous reply that explain how the content partners can upload data in bulk.

However, if you can't locate the source, you can edit the road yourself or provide feedback on incorrect navigation.
An automated system evaluates the edits & settles that.
Usually, most of the edits succeed & do not need any intervention.
But, if something doesn't go through, the volunteers in this forum will be happy to help.
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Relevant Answer
I have a new piece of interesting evidence. Maps displays data it 'shouldn't have.' Or at least shouldn't be displaying it. It's another signal that there's a data error... somewhere.

By looking at the links you posted I learned new keywords. With that I found OSGeo. 

I had good luck talking with the county Property Appraisers office which was where I originally found the GIS maps. But they say control of the data is by Zoning and final authority is Postal Service. Which makes sense! So I will call them tomorrow. They will be able to point me to the data.

OK the clue: In this map, the problem is at the top-center. There are two short segments of *traffic* lines that shouldn't be there. (Zoom out, and there are no other traffic lines within the property.) And they're live! When I grabbed the screencap there was a green and orange line. When I pasted the link in top test it the first image it loaded had two green lines. Now, whether it's displaying traffic right here or 'someplace else' there's no way to tell from this view.

It's possible even likely that this visual error is a symptom of the street connection errors, not the cause of it. But it's definitely there, and it definitely shouldn't be there.

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Relevant Answer
Hi,  Jim Barchuk
Thanks for your reply
However, could you edit Maps as suggested?
Data errors will be there.
However, the community of contributors attempt to correct that first.
But, if that gets stuck in the system checks, we volunteers can guide in resolving the errors.
Can you try that?
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Relevant Answer
You mentioned edit earlier and I didn't reply. All I know about changes in Google Maps is the menu item 'Suggest an edit.' For this problem there's nothing in there for *describing* the error other than there are routing errors. All I can really do is identify symptoms and find public data. I'm looking at county maps lately only because I've been looking at buying a house so I knew they existed.

The traffic thing I showed, that's gone from the map now so that was a fast fix. I didn't specifically point out its significance. The left end of the segment was connected to the Cayman/Spillman connection, and the right end was hanging in the air. That's not right. One would think it should connect with that other segment of Cayman to the right. But it doesn't. That's significant. It implies there's another segment missing, or improperly located.

A detail: I don't know if you can see this point, but Spillman does not connect directly to Cayman. It connects to Canopy Cir, and then that connects to Cayman.

I attached a screencap of the county maps. Notice how the connection at Cayman is way over to the left. Compare it to the current satellite views with the two lanes of Spillman going north, and the one lane coming south.

I think the roads here were heavily modified at one time. I think there were two lanes of the combined Canopy Cir and Spillman, that intersected with Cayman. That was expanded to one lane south and two lanes north with planting space between them. With that, a segment was added.

Then I think the maps were edited such that Spillman North connects with the Cayman that goes East, and Canopy was connected to another segment of Cayman that goes West. The connection between those two Cayman points wasn't made; that's why that little traffic segment popped up had only one connected end. That's why Spillman North can make only a right at Cayman, and why Cayman from the West HAS to make a right at Spillman.

I don't know enough to actually 'do' anything further. I'll call the county folks and see if they feel like fixing it. I'm looking at OSGeo and they may be able to give me data to view, and possibly give feedback. through it to fix it Other than that I don't have permissions to 'edit' anything directly.

It's been fun figuring out the logical problems. If you don't learn something new every day, that's when the brain starts to atrophy. :)
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Relevant Answer
Hi,  Jim Barchuk
Thanks for your reply
The article below explains how to report wrong directions suggested by Maps in navigation.
Like edits, you will get an email after submitting the report.
The system will take two to three weeks to verify your suggestion.
Can you try now?
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Relevant Answer
I have seen this form. Someone in support mentioned it and I recall looking at it but forgot to say why I didn't use it.

The problem is that none of the options are the issue. The only item close is add a road, but that's not right either because it does exist.
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