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My Maps import limit question & grouping question

I have a list of about 500 addresses I want to import into a layer in My Maps but I am unsure if there is a limit on how many columns a row can have.  I have the city and zip code as separate columns because I would like to group by either city or zip code (and also a year I have associated with an address). So I have 4 columns - Year, Street address, City, and Zip code.

I have exported my original spreadsheet in a variety of formats and imported those into My Maps, yet some data will not "group" completely (like Zip code, for example). I go back through the Data Table in My Maps and check each entry, they are all correct and in the exact same format. Meaning I am not using 5 digit zip codes for one entry and extended 9 digit ones for others. Each time I group by Zip Code, I get a list of Zip Codes with a number in parentheses representing how many entries I have for each Zip Code, and then at the bottom is a white pin with a number of Zip Codes that can't be grouped, it says "Other / No data". 

Why is this?  Are there only so many "divisions" within a "Style By Group" option?

Thank you for any insight you can provide!

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Hi Shannon,
Yes, currently there is a limit of 20 categories to "Style by Group".
I don't know if the limit would be raised by Google.
Please send feedback to the My Maps developers with your comments and suggestions regarding this issue.
Open or create a new map and you should see a question mark icon at the bottom right corner of the map.
Click on that icon and select the option "Send feedback".

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