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Blinking black cursor

Recently, I've noticed a blinking black cursor (like a mouse cursor) in the middle of the Google Maps app. This persists across any screen (other apps, homescreen, etc), and does not disappear until I end the Google Maps task.

I don't have any peripheral devices connected to my phone.

HTC One M8
Android 4.4.4
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Did the above, issue persists. One M8, Android 5.1. The black cursor flickers between the white dot (featured in screenshot) and the black cursor. Also notice the scaling issues in the top directions bar
I am also having this issue, have sent feedback.
Garret Kurteff
Garret Kurteff
Bump because I am having the same problem. The blue/white orb also automatically selects anything which renders my phone totally unusable and I have to do a hard reset (holding vol and power buttons). Also on HTC one m8
I have the same white orb when using navigation on Google maps app. HTC M8. Locks my phone and have to reset.
It is driving me mad! Any solutions yet?
DL Glover
DL Glover
Have the same problem on HTC M8. I use navigation often so this is infuriating. Have to hard reset every time.
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Google user
Google user
TK - I can confirm that the latest build of Lineage OS for the M8 released today does indeed solve this problem!  Thank you!
Thank you for the feedback, Mathias. You beat me by some minutes last night updating to the latest build. :)
The issue is fixed on my phone as well now. So LineageOS 14.1-20170824-NIGHTLY-m8 is working as expected again.
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