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My Maps won't save my maps!

I just spent 30 minutes working out a route from GA to Key West in MY MAPS and now it's not there anymore. I dragged the route around to all the backroads I wanted to take and had it laid out perfectly. Then... I got a little yellow error message telling me I needed to refresh my page. So, I did, confident that MY MAPS had auto-saved my map. Well, guess what, it didn't! There was no button for me to manually save it, and now I have no map and no way to get that wasted half hour back (not to mention the additional half hour spent researching this problem and writing this note). In addition to that, Google automatically saved two "untitled" maps WITH NOTHING ON THEM!

What in God's name is wrong with you Google people? You're supposed to be the best at this stuff, but if you read through these help pages, you'll find that you have created more problems than solutions! Seriously, what are you thinking? This is incredibly infuriating. And what's worse is that so many people complain about these problems, yet you never fix anything. Your programmers just keep screwing it up.

So, tell me...
Why would MYMAPS save two untitled empty maps with no routes, but won't save the named map I spent 30 minutes creating? Please, can someone at Google answer that question?
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I just tried it again, with the same horrible result!!!
Even though there is clear text telling me that the map is SAVING, the little error pops up and boom!... no more map! WTF!!!!
I've tried it in Firefox and in Safari. Come on Google, what in God's name is going on?

Your map might have been saved after all. Go to www.drive.google.com and search for your creation. With luck, your map with be there. Let me know how it goes for you.


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Nope. My original maps aren't there.
The maps that are saved in Google Drive are the ones that I painstakingly re-created and made copies of after realizing that google was trashing my maps.
From what I've read about My Maps, when a person creates a new map in My Maps, it auto-saves the map to Drive, but it also auto-saves to My Maps (if you've named the map).
What happened is that I created a map in My Maps, named the map, and began modifying my route. When I was almost finished modifying the route (changing freeways to backroads), a little yellow error message popped up telling me to refresh the screen. There were no details about the error. Just a note saying that an error had occured.
Assuming my map had been saved (an assumption rightly made because the map details kept saying "saved in Drive"), I went ahead and refreshed the screen. Immediately, the map went back to a blank map with no routes, but still kept the same name I'd given it.

I tried this twice, with the same disappointing result. Google was not saving my map. It was saving a blank map under the same name.
It was also saving blank maps named "untitled". It saved two of those and I have no idea how.

I just don't understand what is going on and it's incredibly frustrating to spend so much time on something like this only to have it vanish into the ether.

I did, however, notice that the system works better if I make multiple destination points in between my Point A and Point B. For example, if I make my starting point Atlanta and my end point Key West and then modify the route, the application starts acting funky (refusing to make route changes, doubling sections of my route, and so on). But, if I make multiple "destinations" along the way (for example, Atlanta to Birmingham; Birmingham to Montgomery; Montgomery to PCB; PCB to Tampa; Tampa to Miami; Miami to Key West), it seems to work better. 
Once you save using Google My Maps, the platform shouldn't remove your map. May I know your exact steps to confirm, please?  Let me know when you can.
I just had the same heart-breaking problem. I just checked google drive as MarkKnight recommended here in the forum, and my map WAS there, but it only had three of the dozens of pins I had added. I literally spent hours creating our post-vacation itinerary to share with my 80-year-old mother so that she could be reminded of our 3-week vacation. I included pins for BnB's, every restaurant we ate at, every market, cathedral, and art museum we visited (which, of course, means searching for every address on googlemaps to add the pin). It took hours because I needed to sift through ticket stubs, receipts, journal entries and more to put this map together. MarkKnight, do you have any other suggestions so that I might retrieve my map?  
Perhaps I made a mistake saving my map. Here is what I did: I added each pin, edited the pin to add information and change the pin color for different places, THEN I hit the SAVE button. I only "SAVED" each pin as I added them one by one. I didn't see a SAVE button for the whole map before I closed the application. 
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