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Google maps not working with Authenticating Proxy

We use Microsoft's ISA Server 2004 at work as a web proxy firewall.  Recently we've had huge numbers of complaints from users saying that google maps no longer works.  The problem was intermittent, and seemed to vary from one computer to the next.  However, the symptoms were always the same:  The first page loads, but anything you attempt after that just hangs with the message:

   "still loading... slow?  Use the troubleshooting guide or basic html"

These problems seem to have started at the same time google added gstatic.com to the google maps site.  Prior to that we had no problems at all.

Looking at the firewall logs, we spotted huge numbers of 'Failed Connection Attempt' messages, but only for content hosted at maps.gstatic.com.  We also noticed that all of these errors were on the second attempt to load the file - after ISA had previously blocked an anonymous connection from the users browser, and forced the browser to retry with the proper username.

My guess is that for some reason, google maps now has an intermittent problem with authenticating traffic.  As a temporary workaround, we have created an anonymous access rule on the firewall, granting access to gstatic.com and *.gstatic.com.  That seems to confirm my guess as it immediately solved the problem, but is far from ideal as it means we have no logging for any traffic on these domains.

Can somebody at google please get gstatic.com working properly with autenticating proxy servers.  I have log files available if you need to see them.



PS.  The only other problem we have had with google maps was a month or two back when we experienced this same hanging problem for pages where streetmap content had been added.  I don't think it's likely to be relevant, but thought I'd mention it just in case.
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Correction:  I thought adding those addresses to ISA Server was a good workaround.  Now it appears that it's just made it a little more intermittent.

Looking at the logs, even with those addresses being allowed via anonymous connections, the user is still authenticated from time to time, and every time an authenticated user attempts to download content from gstatic.com, we get a "Failed Connection Attempt" from gstatic.com.

Content from google.co.uk and google.com works absolutely fine, authenticated or not.

The workaround for now has been to add google.com, google.co.uk, *.google.com, and *.google.co.uk to our list of allowed anonymous sites.  That seems to be enough to prevent users having to authenticate when using the google maps site, and appears to be largely allowing access.

Same issue for us - i added *.gstatic.com and we can now view Google Maps. Shall see if it sticks. Still unable to see mapquest properly however.
We Used ISA 2006 in our company and we have same problem with google maps.
Of course if you open all sites and if you dont apply any prohibitions there is no problem..
but unfortunately as an system admin of a company we should apply some security rules.
then especialy "google maps"  directly effected by this type of rules.
So, with a rule to allow this two below, everything is OK.
http://* google.com
http://* gstatic.com
best wishes to all.
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