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Why is the Google Navigator Volume No Longer Separate - But Now Linked with Media Volume?

Up to now my phone's (HTC 3g slide) stock Navigator tied to Google Maps no longer has a separate Navigation volume; but when directions are being announced and I press the volume rocker (which was the only time I could easily control the navigation volume), the media volume now controls my music (streaming station) and the navigation voice at the same time. Somehow it is now linked to the media volume control.

I thought something happened to my phone but am reading many posts of having the same issue, which apparently is occurring after a recent Google Maps update.

The navigation volume should not only be separate, but should be in the Navigation app menu for easy access where the only option now is just MUTE for volume (more preference/options are sorely needed for this app).

I have been using this application over my Garmin since I first switched to Android over a year ago, and the convenience cannot be beat. The fact that I could listen to my favorite streaming station while driving and be able to clearly hear directions to my destination because it automatically reduces the music volume is a great feature - and one that should have a setting (option) as to how long to reduce background music to ones preference. I just hope this bug gets fixed quickly.

Also, please add the ability to edit, name/tag, star or delete destination addresses within the Navigation application as well. I remember long ago being able do some editing, but for some reason that is gone too, It seems that this Google applications is regressing instead of being improved.
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Same for me. I loved having NAVIGATION volume and MEDIA volume separate. Now, as I'm listening to Pandora, when the nav voice comes on, it is twice as loud as the music. Please put back the separate volume setting for Navigation. It is a great app, but this will make it hard to continue to use.
I discovered the same problem when using Navigation yesterday: The synthesized voice volume is much louder than my music or podcast volume, so if my music is at a comfortable level the Navigation is painfully loud, but if the Navigation is tolerable, the music is buried by the road noise.
Please restore the separate Navigation volume control ASAP.
Agreed, Google are you listening??? Now I can't understand my navigation directions because my music is still playing. This needs to be fixed quickly or I'm going to have to find another method for my navigation directions.
Google, your navigation is great and free. I really appreciate and use it a lot, but if you want me to stay loyal you should be adding features - not taking them away. With a separate navigation volume I was able to listen to Pandora without the louder navigation volume blasting. Now I either have to lower the media volume to the point where Pandora is not enjoyable or just mute the navigation volume. Neither option is good.
Please bring back the separate navigation volume!
Also consider:
A better/easier way to turn GPS on for navigation
A way to key in a destination change with fewer than 4 clicks to get to the entry screen
Ability to set waypoints along the way
Hi everyone --

With regards to the change in navigation volume control, we made the decision to align our volume control with Android OS's volume control -- hence the integration with media volume. This is our first step that will allow us to enhance Navigation in the future.

I understand that many of you have found this change harmful because while playing music and using navigation simultaneously in a car, either the music is too soft and Navigation volume normal OR music volume is normal and Navigation too loud. Thanks for the feedback -- I'll report it back to the team and take it into consideration.

On Android devices running 2.2+, what should not happen is music and navigation sounds playing on top of each other. When Navigation voice turns on to tell you to turn left, music should be paused. If you are facing trouble with this, please let me know!

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I am using a Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speaker connected to my Motorola Droid Turbo phone. I am running Android 4.4.4 and everything was perfect until the last Google Maps update! I could have my Pandora music on as well as Google maps runnig and when a call was received both the music and Maps went to "mute" until the call was done. Now Pandora mutes but Maps ramps up and trys to talk over the caller!! What is that about? As a result, I cannot hear what the caller has to say and have to hang up! Google please fix this issue! This all started with the last Maps update.
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