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For example, if you’re trying to improve tourism, do you intend to track for increased foot traffic to your location following the imagery release? If you’re interested in increasing online traffic to your webpages with the embedded imagery, are you planning to implement tracking tools such as Google Analytics to measure success? What other goals do you have for this imagery – positive press, increased number of donations, etc?
For example, are you interested in promoting our partnership and the imagery at the collection and/or launch of the imagery? Might you build a custom viewing experience via our Google Maps and Street View APIs? Would you issue a press release or corporate blog post, host a local event with key policymakers, pitch the story of our partnership to relevant audiences, etc?
Are you planning to promote, share and repurpose the Street View imagery you collect on your website, mobile app, and in other pieces of marketing material via our Google Maps or Street View APIs? *
If you would like us to visit and collect more than one location, please enter the additional locations and addresses here.
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