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Troubleshoot Street View publishing issues

Here are a few common error messages you may encounter when you publish Street View imagery and the steps you can take to resolve them.

Publishing failed

If a publish attempt fails with no specific reason, re-submit the file. Some other publishing errors include:

  • Image resolution too low: The image size doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. Re-capture the image with higher resolution selected from your camera menu.
  • File has already been published: Make sure to delete the previous upload before you attempt to re-upload.
  • Invalid GPS points: GPS metadata is wrong or incomplete. Make sure you have a clear GPS signal, then re-capture your image.
  • Unable to process location information: Re-capture the Street View.
  • File is corrupt: Re-upload the file. If it doesn’t get published again, then re-capture the Street View.
  • Internal error: Re-upload the file.

Imagery was taken down

Imagery may be taken down if it doesn’t meet the Maps User Contributed Content Policy. Make sure your content is in line with the guidelines and re-publish the file. 

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