Tips for making great videos

Caption: Now you can use the camera within Maps to share videos

You can now share videos on Google Maps. You can use the camera within Maps to shoot a 10-second video or upload a 30-second video from your camera roll. Here are a few tips:

  • Capture the atmosphere: Give others a feel for what it’s like to be there. Use your video to capture a sense of a place's design and atmosphere (example).
  • Seek well-lit spaces: Lighting can make all the difference. Poor lighting can downgrade a video's quality. Natural light is best (example) – this is true for still photography too.
  • Don't forget the exterior: Try to shoot when the weather is nice and inviting. Capture details like the front of the building, parking space or garden (example).
  • Focus on details: Showcase the services or products a place has to offer. Try a close-up of a particular product or someone reaching for an item, though don’t show someone’s face directly. Stick to one product per video and keep the frame tight on the subject.
  • Food and drink: Showcase the dishes the restaurant has to offer, especially any visually interesting signature dishes (example). Try an action shot of someone digging into the food, but keep the frame tight on the dish (avoid people’s faces). Stick to one dish per video or a view of the entire table with multiple dishes from above.
  • Personal review: A personal review showcasing a particular dish or interesting tips for visitors is a nice way to highlight a place (example). Feel free to add details and information and your opinion is fine too, but please be aware that the same review policies apply to videos as to written reviews.

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