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Find your Google Maps edits

On your phone or tablet, you can find a list of edits and places you added on Google Maps. Only you can find your edits. Some places that you added and show up as approved, might not give you Local Guide points if someone already added the same place before you.

For each edit, you’ll find:

  • Whether your edit is approved, pending, or not applied
  • What edit you made to a place, like business hours or phone number
  • When you made the edit

Tip: If an edit was recently approved, it may not yet show up on the Map.

View a list of your edits

  1. Open the Google Maps app Maps .
  2. Tap Contribute Contribute and then View Your Profile.
  3. Scroll down and tap Edits.

Understand edit statuses

To make sure Maps is accurate and up to date, we review all edits you make. We update the status of the edit as we review it: 

  • PENDING: Google is verifying your edit
  • APPROVED: Your edit was added to Maps
  • NOT APPLIED: Google couldn't verify your edit

How to improve your edits 


Use the official name of a place, the one used on the storefront or website. Don’t add any extra comments in the name field.


Enter a known address. If Maps suggests an address that’s incomplete, add additional details in the address.


When you move a marker, make sure you zoom in far enough and switch to satellite view. This will help you see buildings and move the marker on the building where the place is.


Use specific categories when describing a place. For example, use "Clothing store" instead of "Store".


Enter the hours a place is open. You can add different hours for different days of the week.

Phone number

Use the primary phone number. Check that the number you suggested is correct first. 


Use the official website. Don’t include links to social networking sites, review aggregators, or other similar websites.

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