Blur or remove 360 photos with the Street View app

You can blur parts of your 360 photos to hide details such as faces or number plates. If there are people or information that you don’t have permission to show in your photo, we recommend that you blur these elements to respect others’ privacy.

If Google is the owner of the photo, you can request blurring or report the photo, as long as it contains:


  • If Google doesn’t own the photo, the photo owner is responsible for blurring the photo before publishing it. If you think that someone else has published a photo of you that violates the Maps User Contributed Content Policy, report the photo using the instructions below.
  • After a photo has been blurred and published, the blur can’t be removed from the photo.

You can adjust or delete Street View photos you've uploaded at any time. To blur or remove photos that you don't own, you'll need to send a request.

If you're the owner of the photo

Blur your photos

This feature is not available on your computer. To blur your photos, use the Street View app.

Delete a photo using Google Maps

To remove a photo that you’ve shared on Google Maps:

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. In the top left, click Menu Menu.
  3. Click Your contributions.
  4. Select Photos.
  5. Find the photo that you’d like to delete.
  6. In the top right corner of the photo, click More More.
  7. Click Delete this photo.

What if I delete something that’s used somewhere else?

Photos that you delete on Google Maps are also removed from:
  • Google search
  • Google Photos, if you have back-up & sync turned on
  • Photos that you delete aren’t removed automatically from:
  • Your phone or tablet’s gallery
  • Google Drive, if you have sync turned on
  • Google+

If you're not the owner of the photo

Request blurring or removal of a photo

  1. Open Google Maps or the Street View gallery.
  2. Find and open the 360 photo that violates the Google Maps Image Acceptance and Privacy Policies.
  3. In the bottom right, click Report a problem.
  4. Complete the form.
  5. Click Submit.

We'll review your report as fast as we can. If you entered your email address in the form, we may contact you to get additional information or to update you on the status of your report.

Learn more about Google Maps Image Acceptance and Privacy Policies.


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