Location info added to your photos

Photos sometimes include information about where they were taken. If there’s a location attached to your photo, Google Maps might suggest that you add the photo to that location.

Where location data might come from

There are two main sources of location data:

  • Your camera's GPS might record location information. To stop recording location information, you'll need to find the instructions for your camera or app.
  • Google Photos might add a location using your Google Location History, which is stored in your Google Account.

Hide where all photos were taken

You can hide all location information for photos that:

  • You shared via shareable link using the Google Photos app.
  • Have location information recorded by the camera's GPS device.

To hide location information from all of your photos, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to photos.google.com/settings.
  2. Under "Sharing," turn Remove geo location in items shared by link on. 
  3. Any photos you share won’t include their location information.

Notes: Hiding location information works for photos you share using a shareable link. If you share a photo in another way, for example if you download and email it to someone, it can still include location information.

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