Blur or report a Street View image

Street View contains imagery similar to what you might see driving down the street.

We try to keep the imagery up-to-date and free of personal information, such as faces or license plates. But if you found an image that contains personal information, follow the steps below to have it blurred.

Report a Street View image

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. In the bottom right corner, click the Pegman . Then drag and drop it onto the map.
  3. Find the Street View image. Make sure that you see the exact image that you want to report.
  4. Click Report a problem in the bottom right of the image window.
  5. Complete the form "Report Inappropriate Street View."
  6. Click Submit.
Street View Report a Problem

We'll review your report as fast as we can. If you entered your email address in the form, we’ll be able to email you with any changes to the status of your report.

Learn more about Street View privacy.

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