Create or open a custom map (classic Maps)

Create custom maps with Maps Engine Lite (Beta). For example, you can make a map of all the best restaurants in your area. Once you've created a custom map, you can open it in Google Maps.

If you created custom maps using My Maps in the past, you can still open them in Google Maps.

Create a custom map

  1. Sign in to the classic Google Maps.
  2. Click My Places in the top left panel.
  3. Click Create Map.
  4. Google Maps will open Maps Engine Lite in a new tab.
  5. Start creating your map by adding places, lines, and shapes. Learn more about creating your map.

Note: We recommend that you use the instructions above to create custom maps. But you can still create new My Maps in Google Maps by clicking Or use classic Google Maps underneath the CREATE MAP button.

Open a custom map

You can open your My Maps and Maps Engine Maps in the classic Maps.

  1. Sign in to the classic Google Maps.
  2. Click My places at the top left panel.
  3. Click Maps.
  4. Select the map you want to open. A My Map will be marked with a  and a Maps Engine map with a .
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