Save directions to the map

Save driving, bicycling, or walking directions, then share them with others, or view them later on the go from your phone with the My Maps mobile application for Android.

  1. Open a new or existing map in My Maps.
  2. Click the directions icon in the toolbar.
  3. Type your start and end locations. After, if you want, click Add Destination to add additional destinations.
  4. [Optional] To change between biking, driving, and walking, click Driving .

To see a list of route instructions, click the layer menu  then Step-by-step.

To change the route, click the route once. Then hover over the line and drag the white dot. Or, double click the white dot to delete it.

To edit a destination, hover over the address in the legend and click the edit icon.

To remove destinations, hover over the address in the legend and click the .

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