Connect photo spheres (constellations)

By connecting your photo spheres you can create even more immersive, 360° views called constellations. Your “constellations” are added to Google Maps, so people can explore your favorite places on Maps. 

Step 1: Select photo spheres

  1. Go to Views.
  2. Open your profile page by clicking your photo in the top right.
  3. Your images appear in the right panel and as dots on the map in the left panel. Click Select images.
  4. Manually select the images you want to connect.
  5. Click Connect images.

You’ll see an updated map of the images you selected.

  • Your photo spheres are marked in blue, sequentially with letters.
  • Yellow dots are Street View panoramas.

Step 2: Orient your photo spheres

To change the photo sphere place on the map, drag the dot to the correct place. Satellite view may be helpful for images taken outside.

To rotate the photo spheres in the right direction, click to select a marker. Then click and hold the pointer.

  • A condensed, aerial view of your image will appear to help you spin it in the correct direction.
  • To spin the photo sphere, rotate the red pointer on the map.

Tip: Try to line up the preview on the right with a prominent object, such as a building, tree, or landmark. You can then rotate the arrow on the map marker to point to the same object on the satelite map.

Step 3: Connect your photo spheres

Solid blue lines show photo spheres that have already been linked. Dotted gray lines lines show potential connections. When you connect photo spheres, users and viewers can easily jump between your images.

To connect photo spheres, click the marker you want to connect and then click the gray dotted line. There may be connections created for you automatically. Click on solid lines to remove connections between photo spheres.

To connect photos spheres to Street View

  1. Click the marker you want to connect then hover over the yellow dot.
  2. Click the gray dotted lines that appears to connect the two.

The connection of your constellation to Street View is only one-way. Users can only navigate from your imagery to Street View, and not from Street View to your imagery.

Things to note:

  • Only connect photo spheres that can be navigated between in real life. Please don’t connect photo spheres that cross walls, buildings, etc.
  • Removing a photo sphere from a constellation won’t delete the photo sphere. To remove a photo sphere, click the trash can button under the zoom buttons in the right side of the screen.
  • Learn how to manage your connected photo spheres.