Siden du har forespurt, er for tiden ikke tilgjengelig på språket ditt. Du kan velge et annet språk nederst på siden. Eventuelt kan du bruke den innebygde oversettelsesfunksjonen i Google Chrome til å oversette en hvilken som helst nettside til det språket du foretrekker.

See your personal places in Maps

See the information and places that matter to you in Google Maps. For example, you may see information about your upcoming flight or suggestions based on your previous searches.

This information might appear:

  • In your search results
  • In the suggestions below the search box
  • When viewing details about a place
  • On your map

Your places and search results

See your saved, rated, and reviewed places

You can see “My places” on the map, like places you’ve saved, ratings, check-ins, and locations you’ve searched for.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. At the top of the map, sign in to your Google Account using the Sign in button. If you don't see a sign in button, you may already be signed in.
  3. Your saved places appear on the map as yellow stars. Other places have special markers highlighted with yellow.

You can also find your place reviews on your Google+ profile page.

See personalized search suggestions and results
  1. Sign in to Google Maps.
  2. Start typing a search, like “restaurants,” in the search box.
  3. Personalized search results may appear under the search box. For example, your search results can include places you've searched for before.
  4. Click to choose a suggested place, see it on the map, and get more information.

If you’re signed in to your Google Account but you don't see personalized search results, make sure that Web & App Activity is turned on and that you’re using Google Maps.

Find your reservations, flights, and more

Search Google Maps on your computer for your upcoming flights, reservations, and more. As long as the information is in your Gmail, you can find it without having to leave Maps. If you're using Google Maps in the US, you can search for "my reservations," "my flights," and "my hotels" to see your places with reservations on the map.
  1. Sign in to Google Maps.
  2. Search for a restaurant, venue, airport, or other place.
  3. The reservation or calendar information appears in an info card below the search box.
View your Google Contacts information
If you use Google Contacts, you can search for and access those contacts from within Google Maps.
  1. Sign in to Google Maps.
  2. Search for an address or a person in your Google Contacts. For example, your friend Will Smith may live at 123 Main Street, so you can search for "123 Main Street" or "Will Smith."
  3. Your contact’s info appears in an info card below the search box.

Learn about & manage your information

Some of the personalized places that you see on Google Maps can only be seen by you. If you're on Google+, you may also see places recommended or shared by people in your circles.

Here are some examples of where this information may come from:

Within Google Maps

Personalized places you see may come from:

  • Your interactions with places on the map, including Google maps that you use on other sites
  • Your recent searches, including searches for directions
  • Places you've saved or starred on your computer or mobile device
  • Places rated or reviewed by you or people in your circles
  • Your home and work addresses, if you set them on Google Maps or Google Now

Manage what you see

On your computer, you can manage your search history from the Web & App Activity page. If you turn off Web & App Activity, the following will stop appearing in Maps:

  • Your recent searches
  • Your home and work addresses
  • Info from your Google Contacts
  • Info from Gmail
Turning off Web & App Activity won’t turn off:
  • Info from custom maps
  • Google+ posts
  • Starred or saved places
  • Places rated/reviewed by you or people in your circles
Other Google products

Personalized place you see may come from:

  • Custom maps, if you have them in My Maps
  • People and places you’ve added to your Google Contacts, like “Pizzeria Delfina”
  • Places mentioned in reservations sent to your Gmail account, like flight reservations at airports
  • Posts, reviews, or ratings from Google+ by you or visible to you that are tagged at a place

Manage other Google info

You can manage the information contained in your other Google products by visiting those products.

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